Catching Drills

Throwing Footwork


  • Catcher with the Ball
    The catcher starts out with the ball in his glove. Coach will be in front of the catcher. The coach will instruct the catcher to use either load and throw or jump pivot. The catcher will execute the footwork and throw to a partner. Make sure to work both methods of throwing footwork.

  • One Knee Partner/Coach Toss
    Catcher at home plate. Partner or coach a few feet in front on one knee. Partner or coach will toss ball to catcher who is already in his stance. The catcher will catch the ball and execute proper throwing footwork and throw to another partner. Being on one knee and tossing the ball will allow the partner or coach to put the ball exactly where he wants to work. Also, this will assist the catcher in working on both types of throwing footwork.

  • Medium/Full Toss
    Coach will stand half-way or on the mound and throw pitches to the catcher who has already assumed his stance. The catcher will execute footwork determined by the pitch and throw to a partner behind the coach.

  • Around The Horn
    During a game with the bases empty, it is common practice on a third strike for the catcher to start an Around The Horn series of throws. This is an excellent opportunity for the catcher to use one of the throwing footwork techniques for tosses to third base. For the best practice, the catcher should begin the throw immediately after the strike is called, while the batter is still in the box.

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